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Outreach Studios

We move viewers to engage, enhancing your vision through film, broadcast, video and digital. Our team can produce a complete visual solution from scriptwriting to directing, shooting to producing, editing to sweetening and adding VFX to your final product.

What we do



No matter the budget, no matter the scope, we develop and hone the strategies needed to help you stand out. Our proprietary dialogos system can test creative ideas anywhere along the project path to better insure that you’re making the greatest possible impact among different audiences.


Whether your project includes dialogue or is purely visually driven, it all begins with a solid script. We can help craft your story into the script that best fits your goal.


With a polished script in hand we move to production, executing at the highest possible level of quality utilizing our own crew and best-in-class cinematic gear. Our team can easily set up and shoot on location or in any of our customizable studios.


Collaboration is king. We work with you through the post process, paying special attention to color detail, adding music and isolating the best takes to make the final production exceptional.


We have the in-house capacity to layer in effects to your project as 2D, 3D, animated treatments, logo rendering… let’s just say that if you can dream it, we can bring it.


Outreach Studios is home to customizable studio space unlike any other in the Midwest. While each studio varies in design and size they all share great flexibility in lighting and are fully broadcast-capable

Studio 17

This state-of-the-art modular space delivers flexibility in LED lighting and scenery with a full control room ready to broadcast anywhere in the world. As a studio for hire, Studio 17 is a top choice for daily newscasts, live shots to network, commercial production and for professional presentations with our 70-inch touchscreen.

Vue 17

An impressive event space, Vue 17 is the best choice for broadcasting corporate meetings, launching a new product, hosting a debate, filming a TV show or a segment that requires an audience. Take advantage of natural lighting, a full bank of LED lighting and customizable screens.

Studio 16

Bring your next ad or corporate video to life quickly in our fully customizable cyc-wall studio featuring an attached viewing room and access to our Ready Room.

16 West

For smaller conference room video production, 16 West offers carpeted space and a one-way mirror wall for focus group testing. The room offers a variety of arrangements for tables and chairs.

We place your interest first. That priority is our very first rule and we’re ready to prove it. Let’s talk about making your project a reality.

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